Early Years (3 to 5 years)

As an early years registered holiday club we must follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS - The framework that runs from birth to the end of reception). Our holiday activities are the perfect opportunity to embrace the seven areas of learning allowing children to play and explore, get involved through active learning and be creative and think critically.


Early Years Activities

Activity examples include:

  • Pretend Play - such as small world toys, dressing up & role play.

  • Getting Creative - Painting, playdoh, oobleck, crafts and junk modelling.

  • Active Play - Parachute games, ring games, team games, yoga & dancing.

  • Oudoor Play - Sand & water play, insect hunts, treasure hunts & trips to the park.

  • Quiet Time - Circle time, stories, singing, construction toys, free play time. 


6 & 7 Year Olds

By organising our club into groups for activities means that we can meet their developmental needs. For our slightly older children this means that we can provide activities that are suitably challenging & stimulating. We will encourage independence & provide a safe place for children to develop social skills.

oudoor mud kitchen.jpg

Activities for 6 & 8 year olds

We understand that even 6 & 8 years olds still like to role play and play with small world toys, such as Playmobile, Lego and dolls so all the above toys and activities will be available to them too along with other age appropriate activities such as:

  • Team games - football, tag, ball games.

  • Crafts such as bracelet making, Hama beads, clay modelling. 

  • Baking, sewing and planting

  • Supervised access to IPads, computers and games.